1. People Who Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: Professor Don Trim.


    We don't know much trigonometry. All we know is that Professor Don Trim Cheap Oakley Sunglasses has a name made for rap. It doesn't take a complex variable theory to figure out that the Department of Mathematics faculty member at The University of Manitoba has a moniker that would rival that of Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, had he not dedicated himself to a life of higher learning, but instead to that life. Imagine for a moment the prof who's never had Canada Dry spell releasing CD after CD, with titles like The Third Leg from Winnipeg Replica Oakley Sunglasses or Fake Oakleys The Manitoba Mack Daddy Oakley Sunglasses Cheap , during a Too $hort-esque career lasting football numbers. What a wonderful world that would be.

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    (Props to Facebook friend Joel Wanek)

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