1. Businesses That Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: B-Nice Discount Store.


    We got no info as to why this Harlem establishment is shuttered (hopefully not due to customer service issues). But open or closed, just call it B-Nice .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Shannon Weprin

      Coool Flame Mag is throwing an exclusive Hip-Hop & Fashion charity event on Wed. Jan 22nd, at Bardot in Hollywood. It’s going to be a DOPE event for creative minds hoping to build and collaborate. We would like to extend an invitation to the Ego Trip team; we hope you can join us for the good vibes. Check out the event page and RSVP here: goo.gl/zXhhmD . Or you can email me at shannon@cooolflame.com if you have any questions. Best regards!