1. People Who Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: Airwrecka McBride.


    Airwrecka McBride is part of the "Prepster Parents" group of Memphis - supporters of a new, controversial charter school in their community, Cornerstone Preparatory, that's recently been in the news down there. But based on the early-'90s steez spelling of her first name, it sounds like she should have been mutilating mics on some ruff, rugged n' raw ish back in the day. Catchin' 'Wreck, yo, that's the subject.

    [via I Love to Laugh; h/t David Adams]

  2. You might wanna peep...



    1. ThatsHowItIsCosImLivinTrife

      "when i take flight, (like who, kid?) like mike..."

      Group Home "Livin' Proof"

    2. EllaSilverYeah!

      Why do i get the feeling she was either born or conceived during a plane crash?

    3. malmoeone3

      Maaaaaaan. Will black people please just spell a name right instead of trying too hard to be different. She looks like a bad Kelly from Destiny's Child. I hope wrecking the air does not mean bad gas. Lol

    4. raptor45

      She's a pretty woman. Possibly beautiful but if Airwrecka is her name she would be wise to change it PDQ. Everyone will approve.

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