1. Rap Magazine Scans From GenevanHeathen.Com.


    If you grew up reading hip-hop magazines, then chances are the rap scan archives of genevanheathen.com will keep you hooked for way longer than you might have time for. Maintained by Genevan Heathen (whose way cool G-Funk Anthology , Sex Rap , Above The Law Tribute anthology mixes have been featured on egotripland), the site boasts over 1,000 vintage images mostly from the late ‘80s/ early '90s but also all the way up to the early 2000s from publications like Rap Masters , Yo! , and Word Up! Magazine, as well as The Source , Rap Pages , Rap Sheet , Rappin’ and more. (The collection also features scans of stickers, flyers, posters and 7" record and cassette covers to boot).

    So make sure to celebrate genevanheathen.com 's recently reached 1,000 scan milestone by visiting the site today. ( <--- Go there now!)

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