1. Rammellzee — “How’s My Girlfriends” & “Brainstorm” (AUDIO).

    (Art: Futura)

    Gamma Proforma says: Rammellzee passed away in 2010, but before he left us, he recorded his magnum opus, Cosmic Flush , with producer Jonah Mociun …. Cosmic Flush fully realises Rammellzee’s complex philosophy and unique vision of futuristic hip-hop, apocalyptic science fiction, and extreme sonic exploration. To celebrate the life of one of our culture’s great minds we are releasing Cosmic Flush as a commemorative series of records and prints. There are 7 core tracks, each will be reinterpreted and remixed by a visual and audio artist. The works will also form part of an exhibition which will take place in New York and London. This release is Part 2 in the set. “How’s My Girlfriends” has been visually reinterpreted by Futura , a contemporary of Rammellzee’s, and remixed by Mr. Len (Company Flow)…

    (Order “How’s My Girlfriends?” here )

    BONUS: Rammellzee — “Brainstorm” (Divine Styler Remix)

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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