1. Rakim at Red Bull Music Academy - Full Lecture (VIDEO).


    Earlier this week, the Microphone God himself, Rakim , graced the lecture hall at Red Bull Music Academy 's NYC HQ. ego trip's own Chairman Mao hosted, and prompted the R to discuss an array of topics such as just rhymin' with Biz during his early emceeing days out in Wyandanch, Strong Island, how he came to compose some of his most iconic lyrics, and whether he himself believes he's the greatest rapper of all-time.

    Lecture: Rakim (New York 2013) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/PeyoteCody Peyote Cody

      Yo Mao! I denounce you as Chairman. Decent questions you had, but what the fuck. How can you share a couch, let alone breath the same air as the "God" and fail to bring up the process behind writing "Lyrics of Fury", the most scientific, metaphoric, ferocious rhyme ever written in history???!!!
      Fuck is wrong with you?-Peyote Cody for Losscontrolradio.com

    • 357 NYC

      These things look so akward and everyone involved. Its kinda painful to watch. First Stretch and Bob and now this..Great intentions and i fucked with Ego Trip from the Count Chacula days but these just dont work..

    • 357 NYC

      **for everyone involved**

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Gage/1146565132 Simon Gage

      That crowd is priceless.

    • pipokun

      MEGA awk.

    • fuck excessive swearing

      if you feel that strongly about it... why don't you go fuckin interview him?

      fuck is wrong with you? ya demanding, no-connections-in the-industry-havin' cunt.

    • NoOmega

      Even when Rakim speaks it sounds like he's rhymin'!