1. WHOA! “Remixed” Live Recording of Rakim & Biz Markie Performing at Wyandanch High School (1985).

    From Gudtyme, the man who recently brought us that sick vintage Nas and Akinyele live rhyme routine from 1991 , comes another lost treasure: Rakim and Biz Markie rhyming together at Wyandanch High School on Long Island in 1985(!!!!!!). DJ Rob Swift has “remixed” the audio – meaning he’s laid a little “Impeach the President” under the vocals via some studio wizardry (those familiar with this know the steez), but it’s pretty tastefully done. And honestly no amount of studio tinkering could really distract from a gem like this. Included on Gudtyme’s forthcoming Lunchroom Battles release (see track list below). Thank you, Based Gudtyme…

    [via Nah Right ]

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