1. Rah Digga ft. Rapsody — “And Another One” (AUDIO).

    We’ve respected Rah Digga for a long time now, and it’s been pretty easy to do so because she can definitely spit. Dirty Harriet can bring the ruckus, no question. Surely to cause as much a ruckus as her music, though, is her stance on today’s parenting (or there lack of) which she voices authoritatively on her her latest single, “And Another One,” a thought-provoking effort backed by thumping, beat-skippin’ production from 14KT.

    Point blank, Rah Digga thinks that a lot of these juvenile delinquents running wild today could have used some one-on-one time with the switch growin’ up. If their parents had whipped them with a strap when they was bad, maybe they wouldn’t be whylin’ out now. It’s an opinion that will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers, but cotdamn, you’ve got to hand it to her for speaking her mind and going all Harriet Thugman at the song’s end: “The morality of the story is: Beat their asses! That’s the problem with these kids. They don’t fear any authority. You got to show them who boss. Acting like you scared of your kids. BEAT THEY ASS!!!”

    And before you call Child Protective Services, no, this is not a pro-child abuse anthem, (as welcomed guest Rapsody points out in her strongly structured verse: “Never heard I support all day whoopin’ that ass”), just a public service announcement in favor of some discipline in an unruly kid’s life.

    Rapsody: “…Mama told me she’ll take me off this earth/ Kept me out the streets from runnin’ those like turf…”

    [Via Vibe ]

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