1. Somethin' for the Sneaker Heads: Raekwon is Feelin' NB's, No Doubt.


    This one goes out to our kix-conscious readers out there: a nice little interview with Raekwon the Chef on the New Balance-centric website Those NB's , helmed by our DJ/photog homie Buddabong . Rae waxing nostalgic on copping different New Balance's back in the day is the stuff sneaker-fiends dreams are made of. As can be expected, there's some moments of entertaining Wu-wordsmithing. Just close your eyes and imagine The Chef saying things like...

    You have a lot of retro ones out there making you say oh shit! But these companies are challenging each other and I think that is so important. Look at it like food, if he has the motherfuckn spicy chicken sandwich with jalapeño sauce on it then you better have some as well.

    [ Those NBs ]

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