1. The Best of Racism: “Make Me Asian” and “Make Me Indian” Android Apps.

    Ever wanted to present yourself as a person of another race or nationality? (Because, as history has taught us, black- and brownface always goes over great with people of color – just ask your boy Ashton Kutcher .) Well, why go through all the trouble of tracking down that rice paddy hat, fake fu-manchu and skin toner next time you want to appear “Asian” and just download the “Make Me Asian” app? “This is just a fun app,” developer Kimberly Deiss writes before running down the selling points of her product as such (her grammar and typos, btw, not ours):

    Kimberly Deiss:
    • almost instantly, you can make yourself or your friends by representatives of Asian nations, such as Chinese or Japanese;
    • the opportunity to photograph people and process the captured images, or upload a photo from the gallery and work with it;
    • the results obtained can be shared via the social network Facebook, email or MMS.

    Diess also is the maker of the “Make Me Indian” app – which we initially assumed was akin to a “Make Me South Asian” app. But it’s not. Tomahawk chop not included. Truth be told, for those of us who actually enjoy a little racial humor now and again it’s the painfully antiquated stereotypes here that are more offensive than anything. (Step ya stereotype game up, fam.) For those who wish to tell Google to cut the (cr)app, there’s a petition you’ll want to see.

    [image via 18 Million Rising; h/t Jeff Chang ]

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