1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Teammate of Kansas City Royals’ Bruce Chen Makes “Slanted Eyes” Gesture During TV Interview.

    Kansas City Royals’ catcher Humberto Quintero struck out in the racial sensitivity department this past Saturday night. While his teammate, pitcher Bruce Chen – who is Panamanian of Chinese descent, was fielding questions on camera from Fox announcers, his battery mate Quintero snuck up behind him and made the age-old “chinky-eyed” (as rappers would say) gesture. Not exactly the most sophisticated gag by the Venezuelan, though maybe he’s considering switching sports and joining Spain’s national Olympic hoops team ? In response, Chen took the classy route, responding to the controversy by tweeting:

    “I am proud to be of Asian descent and I love the way my eyes look! It think it makes me look sexy. I am not offended by Quintero’s actions. Humberto is my friend and he was pointing out one of my best attributes, my eyes! #proudtobeofasiandescent”

    See video of the incident HERE .

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