1. WATCH: R.A. the Rugged Man reviews “The Lucky One.”

    For “Next Movie”‘s web series, “Rapper Reviews,” noted cinefile R.A. the Rugged Man reviews The Lucky One , starring Zac Efron. Or as R.A. describes him, “the kid that looks like Justin Beiber – the Zac guy.” Being more a fan of Frank Henenlotter ‘s work, maybe it’s no surprise that R.A. wasn’t feeling the flick too tough. But it’s fun finding out. More R.A. on Efron: “I think his career’s gonna be over soon because I think he got booked a lot because there’s a lot of pedophilia in Hollywood and old 60-year-old men be like, ‘Yo, hire the little 15-year-old boy!'” Watch R.A.’s review, after the jump…

    [via Next Movie ]

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