1. “An Intimate Lecture”
    with Questlove at
    Red Bull Music Academy (VIDEO).

    One final lecture video here – at least that I took part in – from Red Bull Music Academy NYC 2013 . I don’t really know why this talk with Questlove is being billed as “An Intimate Lecture with…” It’s not like I sat unusually close to him on the couch or anything. We didn’t whisper. The same number of people as usual (possibly more) were in the room. But I think it may have something to do with the fact that he’s officially done one of these before . So this was maybe a little less the formal “lecture”-lecture. It was nighttime and he intermittently played drums. In addition to demonstrating what fills his dad, R&B singer Lee Andrews, would reprimand him for playing on stage as a teen, Questo also showed us exactly how J Dilla influenced his musicianship, and what rhythmic experimentation we can expect from D’Angelo’s been-in-the-works-for-a-decade-but-now-nearly-finished next album. Also discussed: why he’s fixated on being critically acclaimed, how he began teaching a class on classic albums at NYU, and why sometimes he just wishes he could stop working so much and find a nice woman to cook Jamaican food for him. Okay, maybe that last part was intimate.

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