1. NEW MUSIC: Quelle Chris - "The S.O.N." Demo EP (Free Download).


    Great new release from Crown Nation emcee/producer Quelle Chris. The S.O.N. apparently began as a demo to be shopped around to these things that used to exist but became irrelevant (largely at the hands of their own greed and stupid decision-making) called record labels. QC saw the light and elected to do his own thing, thus the 6-song demo's reinvention as a free EP (a full LP is due in November). Though Quelle's boardwork may be familiar to fans of Danny Brown's The Hybrid , here he opts for a sparser, quirkier variety of sounds to complement his agitated Motor City battle stance (e.g. "You rhyme like average Joe's/ I rhyme like how I'm s'pose I rhyme if you provide some dough" - from "Shitting On Niggas"). Slightly more dialed down than Brown, he serves as bullet-ridden Detroit's surly conscience on the ODB-sampled "G.O.D. = Power (the voice)." Taking the current temperature of rapper music, "Rap Life (the LIEfe)" diffuses any potential for preachiness with deadpan humor. "We sell drugs/ We shootin' niggas/ We rock ice/ We smoke weed/ We fuck your girlfriends... Rap Life/ Rap life, nigga/ Rap Life," a zombiefied Quelle and friends recite on the chorus before our host breaks rank and instructs those complaining about how much rap sucks these days to simply go make some hot shit on their own. In dude's capable hands it seems a far more simple task than it actually is. Listen below, download for FREE here .

    Quelle Chris "The Son" Demo - Free EP Download by Synergy Works

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