1. AUDIO: Quelle Chris - "Pants & Tights" Podcast Vol. 1.


    Quelle Chris - whose wonderful Shotgun & Sleek Rifle LP dropped recently to great acclaim - returns with a mix that exhibits the wider range of his musical influences. True to the sensibility of any self-respecting Motor City hip-hop head, Chris is a fan of electronic music - specifically, the percolating synths and Casio rhythms of minimal synth/wave. Thus, today we're presented with Pants & Tights - his fine new podcast dedicated to the such sounds. He's even shot an accompanying trailer for it:

    Explains Chris: " Pants and Tights was inspired by two truths: One. My love for minimalist music (in this case minimal synth/wave. Which in my opinion should be called maximum synth/wave since it maximizes the minimum. But whatever). Two. The fact that I think the words 'Pants' and 'Tights' sound funny together. Thank You & Enjoy."

    Listen below, or DL, HERE . And, of course, you can still buy Shotgun & Sleek Rifle , HERE .

    Quelle Chris "Pants and Tights" Podcast Vol. 1 by Synergy Works

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