1. AUDIO: Quelle Chris — Fiona Apple’s “Every Single Night” (Mellow Remix).

    Singer Fiona Apple (who was gone from the scene for more than a minute) recently resurfaced and her latest single, “Every Single Night,” is pretty damn good if you ask the ego trip dude who is writing this right now. The song, which is like some sort of anguished lullaby turned haunted bar anthem, now gets the hypnotic Quelle Chris redo, slowed down to somnambulistic levels with dope, dream-like results. Don’t be scurred. Experience it after the jump…

    Quelle Chris: Fiona Apple — “Every Single Night” (Mellow Remix 2012)

    Don’t sleep on this.

    Fiona Apple — “Every Single Night” Music Video

    The O.G. version. A squid on her head and snails on her body might creep some folks out, but that giant octopus playing the back as Ms. Apple walks across the bridge is what’s really scary. (No octopussy.)

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