1. Quelle Chris ft. Cavalier — “We Eat It” (MUSIC VIDEO).

    Definitely one of the dope things about Quelle Chris is that you can never quite know what to expect next from the dude. Whether it’s mock club bangers , weird skate-heavy videos or his latest offering, “We Eat It,” a sobering reminder of our country’s poor nutrition habits, the man is full of surprises.

    Amidst some jazzy somberness and cleverly-placed Uncle Luke chants, he provides some commentary on the state of health in the nation’s economically challenged sections that we might not wanna hear but should:

    “…hydrogenated oils in our bodies we can’t dispose of/ When I could just throw some greens on the stove, brah/ In the belly of the beast/ Extra cheese, extra grease, extra meat, extra sweet/ Exercise? Nigga please/ Got some kids got to eat/ Got two jobs so it’s hard/ Comin’ home with the slop from the trough/ Heart attack at 18, 22, 25/ Most people eat to survive, but we dine just to die…”

    Chew on that shit.


    Featured on the Niggas Is Men project.

    Quelle Chris ft. P.U.D.G.E. & Chris Keys — "We Eat It" (REMIX).

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