1. WATCH: Quelle Chris – “Another Blunt” Music Video.

    Does a video count as an actual music video if it’s largely comprised of shots of folks blowing smoke at the camera, getting high as hell? (We say, sure!) Such is the philosophical question posed by the above clip, “Another Blunt,” courtesy Quelle Chris . To be fair, the Motor City rapper/producer’s latest vid does feature QC intermittently rhyming his lyrics to camera (even if the rhyming is clearly secondary to all the pleasurable puffing going on). And while some may argue otherwise, we find this – as with everything we’ve encountered from Chris thus far – to be quite artful in an enjoyably DIY steez. Contact hits would appear inevitable from viewing this for more than 30 seconds.

    “Another Blunt” appears on Quelle Chris’ recommended Shotgun and Sleek Rifle LP, dropping next week via Synergy Works. Get it, HERE .

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