1. Q-Tip at
    Red Bull Music Academy - Full Lecture (VIDEO).

    Event Participant - Performance

    The final lecture of Red Bull Music Academy NYC 2013 took place last Friday and featured none other than the Abstract Poetic himself, Q-Tip on the couch. I was fortunate enough to have moderated. If you watch the lecture video below anticipating an in-depth discussion of the history of A Tribe Called Quest , you've come to the wrong place (FYI there's a film you may wanna check out that has that subject well-covered). However, if you're interested in Q-Tip's career as one of hip-hop's most important producers - how making pause tapes inspired his early beat-making forays, the inventive use of dynamics on People's Instinctive Paths , how N.W.A inspired Low End Theory and exactly where he chopped that Art Blakey bassline for "Excursions," why 3-bar loops ("Electric Relaxation," "Lyrics To Go," "Gettin' Up") are special, how Preemo's unreleased OG version of Nas' "Memory Lane" inspired "One Love," how he translated Mobb Deep's dun language during The Infamous sessions, why recording Amplified with J Dilla remain some of his fondest memories, the process of flipping Billy Joel samples for Kanye in Hawaii, and how his self-described "kindergarten"-level musicianship has augmented his creativity - you're really, really, really in luck. Also: the best KRS-One impersonation you will ever hear from a rapper whose house just burned down. Enjoy!

    Lecture: Q-Tip (New York, 2013) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • merrakesh

      I was going to look at it.. but I am asking myself do I want to hear what a 40+yo man with his hat turned to the back has to say.... maybe later,,,,

    • Michele82

      Really? Q-Tip is a hip hop artist and that's part of the culture that he's been paid to do as a profession. Kind of like Steven Tyler being 60+ years old still rocking long hair and makeup because he's a rock artist. That's what these musicians and other creative types do...they don't conform to societal norms.

      Judging from your avi, you seem like a classy, educated guy. Please don't conform to the "uppity-negro" syndrome.

    • Michele82

      Actually never mind. I saw some of your comments and nothing classy about that.

    • fruitloaf

      easily one of the best red bull interviews ever.

    • http://www.egotripland.com/ ego trip

      Don't hate on the hat, 'kesh.

    • ADLV

      Great thanks for the interview ! Love the man !

    • deeel

      Is that Sy Smith?? Why won't he say the singer's name?