1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Q-Tip on Gwyneth Paltrow & the N-Word.


    Damn, this Gwyneth Paltrow tweeting the n-word incident is testing the limits of the modern 3-day newscycle like a mug. It's like the little blonde-haired engine that could (tweet the n-word), and can't stop, won't stop. Not when prominent African-American folks like Russell Simmons , and The Dream are jumping to her defense. Who isn't so quick to issue Paltrow a pass? Q-Tip , that's who. The Abstract Poetic representing from Queens took to The Twitter today to express his views on the n-word falling out between the dome of the White woman's timeline. Peep Tip's tweets, after the jump...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • HughPhug

      i'm still amazed at how many black folks (and non black folk) see it as ok for white people to use the word. in my opinion fuck that. a man a knew once said that 'inside every white person is the word n*gger just waiting to get out'.
      as a young angry man i thought he was referreing to how all white people were racist, even if they didnt say it to you directly, like behind your bakc they were still calling you n*gger. but later in life i kinda realised that there are so many different reasons white folks are so desperate to say that word. look how cool it sounds coming from the likes of gangsta rappers, they make it sound like one of the coolest words in the world, just like mother fucker, and every one likes to throw in a mother fucker from time to time. then you got the peolpe who can't stand that black people can use the word and they can't, and dammit thats just not fair, i mean, they're not racist, shit, some of their best friends are black, right? they dont need to say it to their black friends face, but when they among they own people, different matter. tends to be the same poeple, who again have black friends, but dont understand why there is no WET.