1. Pusha T — "King Push" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    So they're saying that Joaquin Phoenix (yeah, the Joaquin Phoenix you're thinking of) produced this track off My Name Is My Name . Find out if "Jo-Pho" has any skills behind the boards. As for Pusha, his skills have long been certified .

    (On second thought, don't call him Jo-Pho. It's a corny name we just thought of, better suited for a trendy Vietnamese take-out spot or something.)

    UPDATE: So, Joaquin, told XXL he did not produce the beat. Whatever shenanigans are goin' on here, we're done, and are just gonna enjoy the dang song.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • don_king_kong

      To my ears there's shades of Hudson Mohawke about this....