1. ego trip Movie Night: Public Enemy — Prophets of Rage (2011).


    Yo! Bumrush this show. This BBC doc about Public Enemy , one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time, has got tons of interviews with not only PE and the Bomb Squad but also people like DMC , Bill Adler and Scott Ian of Anthrax . From the early WBAU days to political upheaval to worldwide domination, this one-hour presentation has rare studio footage you don't wanna miss.

    (Props to DreadInNY for the upload)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • DreadInNY

      I came to watch the video...and saw it was from my Dailymotion page...duh. Enjoy!


    • egotrip

      Haha, thanks for posting, DreadInNY.

    • sonny7

      The music documentarys that BBC 3 have been showing for the last few years are the best things on the whole of the BBC. I remember watching this when it aired ( I still have it stored along with a load of the other docs on a Sky+ box), it was pretty moving at the end when they show the video for 'Harder Than You Think'. The world's a better place with P.E still in it.