1. WATCH: Public Enemy - "I Shall Not Be Moved" Music Video.


    As we all know, Chuck D hasn't lost a step when steppin' to the issues at hand , but what about the music? Does Public Enemy still got it? Answers come in the form of their latest single, "I Shall Not Be Moved," from their new album Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp , which will be released tomorrow. What y'all think?

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Parad1se

      I must have played this 20 times already. Chuck just proved how timeless he truly is.

      Love the fact that even though AARP is knocking on his door, he's not trying to resurrect a decade past... ya know, looking like a relic in motion.

      ...and he isn't stumbling over bars to accommodate today's rap audience.

      He's the incomparable Chuck D. Can we expect anything less? Nope.

      Love. It.

    • bboycult

      He Got Game Soundtrack = Severely Underrated.....fact of the matter is (musically @ least); that PE were at their best when the entire package was thematic in scope (message and visuals). In this era we need that black superhero, renegade, rebel unit now more than ever....budgets are a mothafucka I guess ; I'd write some shit for'em, take it back to Night of the Living Baseheads type concepts. Get @ me...I got it for cheap.

      Chucks lyrics are ALL any filmmaker should ever need. I'd make'em believe (again).

    • Parad1se

      This album is great.