1. AUDIO: Public Enemy ft. Cormega & Large Professor — "Catch The Thrown"


    Replica Oakley Sunglasses Knockoff Oakleys P.E. is still in effect — go get a late pass! For those who dug Fake Oakleys the last post featuring Mr. Chuck and 'em Oakley Sunglasses Cheap , you'll probably like this song (nicely produced by Large Pro) just as much, if not more. Politically charged as ever, "the mouth that roared" goes in on the oppressors with his gruff vocal delivery and pointed lyrics:

    Cheap Ray Bans "Power to the people, salutin' the underground/ Against those standin' in mansions, spittin' down at us from up there, higher ground/ Feed the people, fight the power, fix the poor/ But that 1% done shut the door/ In God We Trust on money it's a slap in the face/ To the rest of the whole human race/ Post racial wealth and taste/ Change the name, but you can't change race in the United States/ People say they kings, plus say they queens/ But if we don't all eat, what does it all mean?"

    Cormega is also in top form, kicking ballistics at the powers that be, and concluding his verse with a dagger: "Fuck Zimmerman, he's guilty, clearly." Shots fired.

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    [Via HipHopDX ]

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      Damn...that was dope.