1. VIDEO: Public Enemy & Anthrax, Brothers of the Same Mind, Unblind.

    One hopes that all music fans recognize the significance of militant hip-hop vanguard Public Enemy and thrash metal heroes Anthrax joining forces for the “Bring The Noise” remake and subsequent tour back in 1991. (We suspect most do.) You only have to watch these following clips of the bands jamming live on the same stage or being interviewed by MTV to see the important step taken in fusing musical genres, and as corny as it sounds, bringing people together. (Indeed, the way Kurt Loder and the groups themselves talk about the notion of white and black acts hitting the road in unison seems almost like it’s taking place in the 1950s rather than just over 20 years ago.) Two decades later, the song still kicks ass, and what makes it even greater, is that this wasn’t some marketing scheme designed to cash in, but you can definitely feel that these were two groups from different musical backgrounds who had genuine respect and admiration for each other.


    Anthrax & Public Enemy Perform "Too Much Posse" and "Bring The Noise" in Cali.

    From the ’91 home video, Live Noize , directed by Mick Mayhew & Parris Mayhew. Ice-T, Primus, and the Young Black Teenagers are in the house and Flavor (with dreads) almost steals the show with a drum solo at the end. Everyone (and we mean everyone) seems to being having a (mega) blast.

    (Props to ThrashmetalFl for the upload)

    World Premiere of the "Bring The Noise" Video.

    Riki Rachtman interviews Chuck D, Charlie Benante and Scott Ian about working together before premiering the music video on Headbangers Ball .

    (Props to Matthew Mcgrath for the upload)

    MTV News Report on Anthrax and Public Enemy Tour.

    Some nice footage of the show that took place on September 26, 1991 (21 years ago today) at the Ritz in NYC, plus interviews. Says Chuck: “It’s all about making history.” Flavor: “[The tour] is a form of unity.” (As a bonus, there’s a quick news brief on Fishbone squeezed in between.)

    (Props to Matthew Mcgrath for the upload)

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