1. Prostitutes — Not Vocal: '80s Rap Instrumentals & Dubs Mix (AUDIO).

    Prostitutes-Not Vocal

    For those who dug DJ Anonymous’ throwback mix we posted yesterday, you will want to check out James Donadio ’s mix, a strong dose of that good ol’ boom bap.


    The DMX Will Rock (instrumental) - Davy DMX
    Drum Machine (psycho dust version) - MCA and Burzootie
    Marley Marl Scratch (dub) - Marley Marl
    It's My Beat (instrumental) - Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce
    Fresh is the Beat (dub version) - Mantronix
    It's Yours (inst party) - T La Rock and Jazzy Jay
    A Fly Girl (dub) - Boogie Boys
    Roxanne's A Man (dub version) - Ralph Rolle
    Split Personality (dub remix) - UTFO
    Bust This Rhyme (dub version) - MC Chill
    Fresh (instrumental) - Fresh MCs

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