1. Previously Unreleased Proof Track Produced by
    J Dilla Surfaces (AUDIO).


    Thanks to the good people over at Shady Records, the world can enjoy some Detroit history that had previously been locked away in the vaults. "Keep It on the Low" is a mid '90s song from the D12 rapper Proof (who died seven years ago on this date) that's produced by the late J Dilla .

    Writes Paul Rosenberg: Very hard to believe, but it has been 7 long years since we lost Big Proof. Again, to celebrate his life and share his art with the world, I've unearthed another lost track from P and J. Dilla called "Keep It on the Low". The track was produced by Dilla and that's also him on the chorus. Forgive the sound quality, but as I've said before these are ripped from cassette dubs and it's the best that I have. I'm pretty sure the track is from 1994, when Proof and J were working on their Funky Cowboys side-project. What can I say? The world just isn't as enjoyable nor the same without you guys. Rest in peace.

    [Via Paul Rosenberg ]

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