1. Prodigy & Alchemist — “Murder Goes Down” (AUDIO).


    The release of Albert Einstein: P=mc2 (Deluxe Edition) finds four additional tracks from Prodigy and Alchemist, including “Murder Goes Down,” a proclamation of Mob Deep‘s standing in the game: “We hold down the fort, forever/ Some other rap squad replace us, never/ In your whole life of living will there be/ Another like Hav, another Don P…” You’re all noticing that bass line, too. It’s quite persuasive, and will have its hooks in you, in no time.

    [Via 2DBZ]

  2. You might wanna peep...



    1. HughPhug

      wow, almost didn’t even bother listening to this. Been a minute since i bothered with anything Prodigy/Havoc related. but this is tight

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