1. "Paul vs. Paul" Part 4: Prince Paul & Son Debate Dance Styles, Slang & Auto-Tune (VIDEO).


    Prince Paul and his son DJ PForreal continue their generational gap debate. This time around: why today's dances are no more than nodding, why Prince Paul would rock a Burt Reynolds 'stache if he could, Barbra Streisand vs. T-Pain ("Can't beat Babs"), fat nasty lazy analog reverb, and how weak, skinny legs can ruin your love life.

    (Props to DubSpot)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • prince of cerebral palsy

      Prince Paul = probably my fave person ever... he's like the Kool Keith of reality.


    • prince of cerebral palsy

      if i knew him in real life tho... i'd probably hate him.