1. LISTEN: Prince Paul’s World Famous Illout Show! Episode 1 (2006) (AUDIO).

    Prince Paul graciously re-opens his dusty but trusty vaults of incredible materials to graciously share his short-lived radio show which featured some of his closest friends having a blast in the studio playing music and talkin’ ish. A must listen for fans as Paul revisits his Native Tongue roots and run downs his illustrious career via a steady flow of dope records.

    Says Paul: “This is the brief run of Prince Paul’s world famous Illout show that appeared on XM Radio in 2005. Comedy, talk, hip-hop radio at its finest with our cast of Illouts: Mr Dead, Buster Bus, Bimos, Newkirk, Nyce the Laughing Guy, Dj A.vee, DJ 3D, TOC the Bartender and Evan the Intern . We have rare interviews with special guests and talk about all aspects of hip-hop . This was one of the top rated shows on XM Radio until mysteriously the plug was pulled only 8 episodes later. Sit back enjoy and share and stay posted… there is more to come.”

    Prince Paul's World Famous Illout Show archives ! Show 1 Part 1 2005 by Prince Paul on Mixcloud

    [Via Prince Paul’s Mixcloud ]

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