1. PREMIERE: Makaya McCraven - "Alone" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    Chicago drummer Makaya McCraven 's In the Moment from earlier this year was nothing if not ambitious - a project that involved taking nearly 48 hours of live improvisational performance by McCraven's septet from 28 gigs over the course of a year's time and editing the recordings into an excellent double LP's worth of self-dubbed "organic beat music." With McCraven's rhythms and bandmate Justefan's vibraphone buoying the action, the resulting work impressively merged both jazz and beat scene sensibilities, and now a sequel makes continued strong use of the original source sessions. McCraven's In the Moment E&F Sides connects even more explicitly with beat scene aesthetics via Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev 's presence on the mastering side and the vintage Flylo style rhythmic wonk of tracks like "Alone." Shot and edited by McCraven with his iPhone the "Alone" vid effectively evokes solitude amidst the bustle of a day on the roads and L lines of the Chi. Watch and listen to In the Moment E&F Sides in full below.

    (Makaya is performing at the New York City Winter Jazz Fest on Friday January 15. Details here )

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