1. A True Wall of Sound: Looking Back at London's Portobello ReCollection Album Art Mural.


    Forgive the late pass appreciation, but this is too ill not to give props. Installed in October 2010, the creation of artist Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Natasha Mason Cheap Ray Bans and photographer Fake Oakley Sunglasses Teresa Crawley , the Portobello ReCollection was a public art project that used 100 meters of wall space on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London to celebrate the musical heritage of the neighborhood and its denizens (e.g. Notting Hill Carnival, and various influential record shops and bands - including The Clash). A quote from The Clash's Joe Strummer ("There’s a brick wall in Notting Hill near Portobello market that I would rather look at for hours than go to Madame Tussaud’s and it’s totally free and full of history") was emblazoned at the route's outset before oversized covers and spines of albums by everyone from Black Uhuru to The Jam to Sonic Youth to Eminem formed a mammoth accordion of titles - much like going through a friend's record collection as the exhibit itself describes. Though Portobello ReCollection was taken down last year (well exceeding its originally planned run of six months), its impressive scope has been captured by various photographers. Even more mesmerizing is the video documentation. As unique a wall of sound as you would ever experience.

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