1. Have Fun in the Sun with POOLS’ innertubes Mix (AUDIO).

    For anybody interested in starting their Summer early, (thee) Mike B and DJ Morse Code (and Barry White ) cordially invite one and all to join them for a splish splashy fun time with this refreshingly chilled and intoxicating mix.

    POOLS sez: Since the Spring of 2011, POOLS have set the tone for the season with their Paradise DJ mixes. This year, the buoyant duo bring you: INNERTUBES . 20 brand new, original beats with that patented POOLS vibe.

    All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by POOLS.

    Pools — innertubes Track Titles:
    Lil’ Triceratops
    Innerlude (404 #1)
    Puelz Santana
    Serious Overflow
    Innerlude (LVLZ)
    Sew Brand New
    Innerlude (404 #2)
    3rd Eye
    Give’er Greenz
    One Of Thee’s Daze
    Crawl To Arms
    Power Questing
    Spread Lurve
    Innerlude (ASNP)
    Urrday Pewl
    Wisdom Toob
    Penwick Pool

    ( Download )

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