1. How GREAT Was the WTT/Spike Jonez "Otis" Video? (POLL)


    Last night's premiere of Janyés "Otis" music video wasn't just the showcase for Aziz Ansari 's talents he so desperately needs. It was a veritable Mt. Rushmore of visionary types - Jay-Z, Kanye West and director Spike Jonze - steady swobbin' with the ultimate collaborator, Mr. Inspiration . Yeah, it was that memorable. No, make that GREAT. Just how great? See for yourself above, and choose your own degree of GREATNESS in our exclusive poll.

    How GREAT was the "Otis" video?

    • Meh. (35%, 90 Votes)
    • "That was a video? I thought it was the BEST Ralph Lauren commercial, EVER." (27%, 69 Votes)
    • Greater than "The Godfather Part II," "Star Wars Episode V," and "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege" put together. (12%, 31 Votes)
    • Two words: "Young Kubrick." (11%, 29 Votes)
    • Like Basquiat painting pictures with Bisquick. (10%, 27 Votes)
    • The "Citizen Kane" of Black Republican recruitment films. Sorry. We mean, "cinema." (5%, 13 Votes)

    Total Voters: 259

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Tyrone Fuller

      at 1:11 there is a real pauseworthy moment.

    • http://tckonbroadway.podbean.com/ The God Bzar

      That def did seem like the g.o.a.t. Ralph commercial, but since Ralphy only fux with Tyson B, we know its not. It's more like 2 wealthy musicians painting the globe red beyond thunder dome, pause.

      But I digress..

      This was my first time hearing/seeing the Otis song. Once I noticed every rapper wrapping themselves around the beat 24 mins after the initial song dropped, I did like my Spanish Regents and passed. Glad I waited.

      I was expecting to be let down, but this was the swag boost that I needed. Starbucks doesn't cut it anymore.

      The God Bzar