1. Dallas Police Lieutenant Suspended After Rap Identity as “Lucille Baller” Revealed.

    So yesterday the Interwebz told us that the mysteriously tripped out Captain Murphy is in fact Flying Lotus ‘s rap alter ego . (We were kinda hoping Murph was real, but hey, the intrigue was fun while it lasted.) Just hours later, however, the world of rap alter egos suffered a profound setback as Dallas police lieutenant Regina Smith was placed on administrative leave after a TV news report identified her as tough-talking rapstress “Lucille Baller” – whose lyrics include a threat to empty her weapon at anybody who messes with her. Irresponsible behavior by a public servant, or unfair demonization of rap (again)? Watch Dallas-Forth Worth’s WFAA News 8’s report and ponder the question, what would Humpty Hump (or Rick Ross) do?

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