1. Planet Asia ft. Fashawn & Willie the Kid – “F*ck Rappers.” (AUDIO)

    Okay, even though it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s supposed to be all about love today… come on, this a sentiment that everyone can appreciate. No matter what your particular walk of life. Whether you’re rap 4 life or avoid it like the plague. Even rappers can relate. Hence, “Fuck Rappers” – the latest from Planet Asia ‘s forthcoming Black Belt Theatre LP. This is a fine rap recording. However, the best part of the song is undoubtedly when Willie the Kid starts disparaging other rappers as, “Feminine, Internet niggas – fuckin’ weirdos.” At least we think he’s talking about other rappers. We’d probably still enjoy it if it was called “Fuck Humans.” Listen below. Black Belt Theatre available now for pre-order .

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