1. pipomixes — Some Dr. From Compton Mix (AUDIO).

    pipomixes says: This is just a mix I made because most Dre mixes show absolutely no depth of Dre’s production catalog. Most of the mixes I’ve heard just focus on the post 2001 (really 1999) era of Dre’s production with a few better known Chronic joints sprinkled here and there. Being a SoCal native, the bulk of my introduction to hip-hop came through Dre’s production. If you don’t know every loop, every bridge, every random sound from his D.O.C., N.W.A, Eazy-E, Michel’le, Death Row days, you just don’t know Dre’s production.

    (This mix is from around 2010, we’re guessing)

    [Via pipomixes ]

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