1. LISTEN x DOWNLOAD: Pipomixes — Minimalism Mix (AUDIO).

    Pipomixes is back with another one of them specially-crafted, densely-layered, high-level mixes full of pure hip-hop. Highly recommended.

    Says Pipomixes: “Hip Hopper since 1978 with wife and kid looking for musical inspiration between honey and daddy dos. I’m inspired by the acclaim of the loop based music of Roc Marciano, Apollo Brown and 14 KT making classic beats on little more than a cracked version of Cool Edit Pro, the L.A. Beat Movement, Nick tha 1da’s SP-303/404 videos, all the SP-303/404 beat makers, the stories of how Donuts was made…, deejays going the less convenient route and mixing all vinyl sets, all of the incredible rapper-less albums that have dropped the past 7 years, Oddisee, Damu the Fudgemunk, Dibia$e, Ras G, Samiyam, just about every beat by Madlib, Adrian Younge, and the simplicity of a stack of records with a drum machine. I’m inspired by minimalism. Enjoy the mix.”

    [Via Pipomixes ]

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