1. Pipomixes — DeChronStructed (Tribute To Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ Mix) (AUDIO).

    Pipomixes says: My first residency was located directly across the street from the studio where The Chronic was recorded (I had no idea until years later). There is a Popeye’s Chicken located on the corner of Hollywood & Cahuenga where I would go to use the bathroom before my gigs, and where I would go to sober up before going home. (Personal highlight was seeing my childhood crush, Idalis, eating there.) I would come to find out later via docs and interviews that Snoop, Daz, Kurupt and the gang would regularly eat at this very same Popeye’s during the making of The Chronic . Enough geeking out. Enjoy the mix.

    [Via pipomixes ]

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