1. Pipomixes — Beats, Headphones & Coffee Mix (AUDIO).

    It’s been way too long since we’ve posted a Pipomixes mix . Glad to correct that.

    pipomixes says: I’ve never listened to as much music on my headphones as I have the last two and half years since my daughter was born. In fact, I’ve become quite the headphone connoisseur, purchasing five different pairs of headphones in the last year. I’ve got monitoring headphones, deejaying headphones, walking around the house headphones; I even have a pair of headphones that fit me just right for when I’m laying on the couch just listening to music. That’s pretty much what I do. When done doing honey-do’s and daddy-do’s, I put on my headphones, listen to music, and search for inspiration for my next mix. The problem I had for months was the actual “mixing” part of the equation. I kept wasting my precious free time napping instead of mixing. Enter: coffee. The key ingredient to the equation is coffee because those wonderful brown beans have kept me awake and mixing. The Beats serve as the inspiration. The Headphones allow for hearing the inspiration while Lil Mixes sleeps. And the coffee keeps me awake enough to create.

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