1. WATCH: Pingu's "The Thing."

    WATCH: Pingu’s “The Thing.”

    Frankly, last year's remake of John Carpenter's fantastic '80s icy horror thriller The Thing (itself a redo of the 1951 original The Thing from Another World ) left us cold ...and we didn't even see it. (Save all that crap about it being a "prequel." We saw the trailer. Once. It sure as hell looked like a Twilight -ified version of JC's masterful vision. No thanks.) Far, far better is this colorful claymation homage from the talented animator Lee Hardcastle starring the chilled-out South Pole sea creatures of Pingu , the internationally known kid's show about some cool-ass penguins. The worthy creation, which takes the best and goriest moments of Carpenter's movie (including the infamous sunken chest scene), is, like Foreigner and M.O.P. once so beautifully sang, "as cold as ice."

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