1. PHOTOS: Mobb Deep, Ghostface, Raekwon at Best Buy Theater


    If you were fortunate enough to have joined us for last Thursday evening's Mobb Deep show at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square - the Infamous' first performance in 3-years - you know how memorable of a night it was: great opening sets by Black Thought & MMJB and Ghost and Rae (and Cappadonna!), a surprise appearance by Lil' Kim for "Quiet Storm," and the world premiere of Mobb's live band experiment. (Okay, so the live band thing admittedly thawed the ice grill menace of some of M-O-B-B's material - boo-fucking-hoo if you let it ruin your entire night.) For those who couldn't make it out here's a set of exclusive pix - portraits, candids, and stage shots - courtesy our man on the scene, Jason Lewis . Enjoy!


    Chairman Mao warms up the crowd.

    DJ Stretch Armstrong represented...

    Dennis Coles aka Tony Starks aka Iron Man aka Pretty Tony

    Raekwon the Chef was cookin'...

    Ghostface strikes a Jesus Christ pose (word to Soundgarden).

    Special guest appearance by Cappadonna

    Prodigy doin pull-ups backstage. Crazy.

    The Infamous take the stage.

    Lil' Kim joined the crew for "Quiet Storm."

    Former LOUD masterminds, Schott Free and Matty C, w/ Alchemist


  2. You might wanna peep...

    • jazmine reyes

      crazy concert....the last pic wit the shirt..its a classic pic!! nice u should put that pic in a magazine somewhere

    • egotrip

      A... magazine?... Oh yeah. We remember those.

    • jazmine reyes

      Lol ok...a magazine ..some website..i still think is a classic..along wit the prodigy pull-ups..classic pics ! Nice egotropland.com!

    • http://twitter.com/djsonryze djSonryze

      damn ..epic night. glad to have the egotrip presence on-line to live my ny musings vicariously.. all blogs curl up n die.

    • egotrip

      You know how we do. Thanks for the virtual visit!

    • jazmine reyes

      Hey is it ok if i steal the pic wit the guy holdin the shirt..i wanna put it on my page