1. (MUSIC VIDEO)." rel="bookmark">Pharoahe Monch — "Broken Again"


    Monch has got so much trouble on his mind like Chuck D .

    From the album, PTSD .

    Directed by aaronisnotcool

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      I have been going to sleep to this album since it's release ....does that count as deep subconscious psycho therapy? .....my writing feels fresh/NBD also my bboy stance seems unfuckwitable for whatever that's worth.

      5pts ( American Interweb Points ) to the first person who can name the Blue Eyed English Soul song/singer/group etc... That P. Monch lifted 'Broken Again's chorus melody from??

    • Sharon

      It's called 'something about you' by level 42!

    • bboycult

      @Sharon...you can be a Gentleperson/Scholar, RockStar/RapStar and if French Montana can call Miley Cyrus a " genius " ....I damn sure have no qualms giving you that title, your choice ( and your 5pts, I wouldn't cheat you )

      The other day I went into a sad sack YouTube ' English 80's ' video K-Hole ( 12a-4a ) ....needless to say I came up w/ an L and I was going to live w/it too .....and then there was SHARON!

      Thank You.