1. Listen to this Pharcyde All Vinyl Mix by Jimmy Plates for Southern Hospitality (AUDIO).


    Yeah, you already know. Making a live mix of The Pharcyde made up of classic 12" material and some of their rarer stuff is a sure thing, especially when put together by Jimmy Plates , who has done this type of thing before. Southern Hospitality does it again.

    Writes Jimmy Plates: “In the early 90′s West Coast Hip Hop was dominated by fully established Gangsta Rap. The biggest players at the time; Ice-T, Cypress Hill and Ice Cube all represented this genre and it was pushed further into the mainstream music world with the dawn of G-Funk and the era-defining albums ‘The Chronic’ and ‘Doggystyle’. One group from South Central LA that bucked this trend was The Pharcyde who had more in common with the jazz infused beats and playful rhymes of East Coast counterparts like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul (who they later both toured with). 1993 saw the release of “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” which quickly became a favourite with underground rap fans and alternative music fans alike, who perhaps found the light hearted songs about life and love an antidote to the hard gang related rhymes common at the time. The departure of producer J-Swift made way for Jay Dee (J-Dilla) and a change in direction and sound for the groups second album Labcabincalifornia in 1995, although not as popular as their debut offering the soulful sound of tracks such as “Runnin” and “She Said” have since become enduring classics of the era. So here’s a selection of twelve tracks from the group’s vinyl back catalogue consisting of B-Sides, Remixes and non album cuts, all mixed live for your listening pleasure. Surely everybody loves The Pharcyde?!”

    Twelve 12's Live Vinyl Mix: 51 - Jimmy Plates – The Pharcyde special! by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud

    Download it via Southern Hospitality .

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