1. Sh*t Producers Tweet: Pete Rock Reacts to Lupe Fiasco's Remake of "T.R.O.Y."


    It's one of the most moving recordings in hip-hop history, and now it's the center of a debate. The song is "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)," Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's heartfelt 1992 musical tribute to their departed dear friend, dancer Trouble T. Roy of Heavy D & the Boyz . An acknowledged classic, "T.R.O.Y.” is as widely beloved and revered for its musical sophistication – a brilliant showcase for the production prowess of then 21-year-old boardsman Pete Rock – as its timeless emotional resonance. So when Lupe Fiasco decided to remake "T.R.O.Y." as his new single, "Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)" from the forthcoming Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album , maybe it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that some folks didn’t exactly love the idea or its execution.


    Folks like, well, Pete Rock , who took to The Twitter on Monday to do some venting on the topic - touching on his assessment of Lupe as an artist, and even revealing how jazz saxophonist Tom Scott ( whose track "Today" Pete sampled liberally for "They Reminisce" ) feels about "T.R.O.Y." Peep Pete’s tweets (and compare "Around My Way" with "T.R.O.Y." for yourself)...

    Lupe Fiasco – "Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)"

    Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth — "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)"












    UPDATE 5.22.12:
    Producer of Lupe Fiasco’s “T.R.O.Y” Remake Responds.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • mando

      bahahah that bassline is horrible sounds like me playn shit on ableton

    • Rob Alahn

      I absolutely LOVE the classic hip hop record They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) And I have mad respect for Pete Rock, C.L. Smooth, Heavy D and the memory of the dancer the tune pays tribute. But Pete has to acknowledge and accept that sampling is apart of hip hop's DNA. And I'm sure he's not the first artist to have his vision/thought/product/work co-opted. Once anyone puts anything in the air they relinquish control of how it's received, appreciated, valued or interpreted. And while I can appreciate Pete's pain--his sentiment, expressed within this context, is nothing short of ironic. -ra

    • Middle School

      Ayo, Pete need to go at The Real Hip Hop Team, they violated TROY before Lupe, but it was a major label idea, I can feel it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58iKa-9Q2Lk&feature=related

    • YoungBlood (251)

      Regardless of who anyone feels about sampling,Pete made a real magnum opus with T.R.O.Y. and it truly shouldn't be messed with.It's wack for a hack producer to try & imitate what he achieved on that song.It's much more than what I can type down in this comment box but he took 4 records to make that song back in 1992.Nothing in this era can compare to that.One more thing, in HipHop it was wack for you to come behind someone & use that same exact sample that they just used.The Lupe track is just trying draw upon the energy that is T.R.O.Y.

    • Paycheck

      Pete should realize that the whole reason the beat had to be remade was because of the samples in the original. Some of which still ain't cleared. To quote Flava Flav "you can't copyright no beats, man".

      Plus, didn't Extra P make that beat anyway??

    • http://corporation.tumblr.com corporation

      via Kno of CunninLynguists on Twitter (@Kno):

      "It's hard to side with Pete Rock when this J.R. Rotem abomination exists w/ Pete as a co-writer meaning it was cleared. http://dai.ly/nt97wG "

      "I don't know who owns the publishing, but Lupe got nothing on Mann singing about his baby momma when it comes to disrespecting "T.R.O.Y."

    • egotrip

      JP, can't remember what the story w/ the OG beat is exactly - there's probably a definitive account out there somewhere. From what we recall, it may have been that Large Pro hipped him to the sample & then helped w/ the drum programming. But don't quote us.

    • Beats

      That's a lack of respect right there, T.R.O.Y. is obviously a personal song to Pete and CL dedicated to their passed away home, dudes should have left that one alone.

    • bboycult

      T.R.O.Y is/was definitely creative genius...and the Lupe song is an also-ran (Lupe is cool w/me, but truth is truth); but I'm saying there's unwritten rules/laws in Baseball too.........some cat's egos are that out of control that they just violate; Pete's gonna just have to let this lie/die. No one in their right mind is hitting this track >> T. R.O.Y on the playlist. No one.

    • therealness

      Ever since Petes fall from grace, he's come off as a bitter old man. He had his time and he's bitten shit plenty of times.(Didn't Pete remake Kool G Rap's "Truly Yours" and Diamond D's "Outta Here"?) Pete is such a hypocrite.

    • oskamadison

      bboy, what up!

      OK, cue up Guru (RIP)...

      "Rap is an art, you can't own no loops/It's how you hook 'em up and the rhyme style, troop..."

      There was a time in Hip-Hop when a producer or artist made a certain impact with a particular sample, nine times out of ten, no one would touch it out of respect and if someone did use it, they'd try to go in a different direction with it and put their own stamp on it. That kind of mentality has been dead in Hip-Hop for years now. I, to a degree, understand where Pete is comin' from as an OG. That being said...There was another Reminisce remake back in '03 that Mr. Cheeks, Journalist and even CL Smooth himself was on, WITH Pete on the adlibs...and that shit was CORN!! Where was the outrage then???:

    • oskamadison

      ...And I'm sick of Large Pro being brought up every time "TROY" is discussed. He simply put Pete on to the sample and that was it, IN HIS OWN WORDS!!! Drop it, already...

    • cenzi

      That Mann track is hot garbage.. holy shit. But I STILL got more respect for that than the Lupe track. Lupe's producer recreated the track, punch for punch. This other garbage at least makes a brande new distant cousin to the track. That's the whole fuckin point I think. Anyone can sample, and resample.. that aint the issue. Its the fact that the ass-turds had the nerve to recreate the whole original TROY record, and then completely dismiss the sentiment behind the the OG record and put in a bunch of che-guevara stylings to stay hip and left. Lupe, Chill and the producer all fail. Be you fuckers, don't bite.

    • Middle School

      Snoooozzzzeee, great, Pete Rock quit whining and now hes gonna work with Lupe, fantastic, groundbreaking shit. Pete Rock should focus his energy on booking more boring hip hop legends shows at various BB Kings and House of Blues chains across the country and Lupe should concentrate on doing commercials for an energy drink flavored watch company or some shit. Oh, and Petestrumentals was garbage.

    • Knockitoff

      Ummm, maybe pete's not mad that the beat was jacked. Maybe he pissed because Lupe's rhymes are weak. This joint is not a good one. How could you take the troy beat and not bring the fire? Lupe is not as garbage as alot of others in his class. He could and should have let the heat follow. Well he didnt. The track is not good let alone great.

    • Lordwreck

      There's too many Clowns out here that are quick to react & don't even understand what Pete Rock's gripe is. Has nothing to do with samples. It has everything to do with Hip Hop commandment #1...THALL-SHALL-NOT-BITE!!!! From the 70's to the late 90's you'd catch a beating for that treachery. Too many Jackasses don't even understand your own artform & culture.