1. ego trip Movie Night: People’s Champion:
    Eli Porter

    The viral rap video sensation that is the 2003 “Iron Mic” freestyle battle that pitted ATLiens Eli Porter versus Envy (Chamblee High School students) that blew up the Internets in ’08 is covered from top to bottom in the highly enjoyable People’s Champion documentary. Re-live all the awkward pauses, excessive hugging, and heart-shaped TV graphics in all their glory in Part 1. With commentary by Andy Milonakis , Dallas Penn , Jay Smooth , It’s The Real and all the folks who were actually there.

    The second half focuses on Eli Porter trying to make it in the rap world. While some might feel at times that Porter is just a target for cheap laughs or is being exploited, we see there’s an attempt being made here to portray the real person behind the meme as Eli talks about his serious health problems, personal loss, and the effects of fame, which he seems to have taken in stride: “I don’t what it is about me,” he says. “I don’t know if they feel sorry for me or they just want to see me succeed. Whatever it is, I’m happy.”

    Directed by Walker Warren & Trent Babbington

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