1. People Who Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: Shorty Powers.


    In another life, John Anthony Powers, aka Shorty Powers , might have fitted in as another member of Black Moon alongside Buckshot , 5Ft and DJ Evil Dee . As it were, his life did revolve (somewhat) around the moon just not Da Moon. Shorty was a well-profiled public affairs officer for NASA back in the early '60s during Project: Funk Da World. (OK, you got us. It was actually Project Mercury.) Like a rapper, the former U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel is credited for helping to spread slang into the American lexicon (the term "A-OK," which is not exactly "A YO!" but hey, give him his props) and was given the title, the "voice of Mercury Control," which sounds vaguely hip-hop in a way. (If only MC meant Mercury Control to Rakim , we'd be in business.) But mic control did factor in his duties, as he was heard on radio airwaves doing coverage of space flights. So keep your Austin Powers. We're trippin' off the Shorty Powers.


    (Props to @joegross for the suggestion)

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    • Winston

      LOL! You guys are crazy! Maybe he was aka Little Dru Ha!

    • MC Freak Show

      "people who don't rap but have weird faces n sticky-out ears"