1. People Who Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: Marilyn Geewax.


    Marilyn Geewax is the senior business editor for NPR's National Desk , and can be heard regularly discussing economic issues on Weekend Edition Sunday . But based on Ma's movin'-self-pressed-units-out-the-trunk style moniker, she sounds more like an expert on classic indie rap business models of the Master P/No Limit ilk. Forget G-Unit - you heard that Geewax? That's that crack, ninja! (Shouts to the homie Dave Bry for the heads up.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://tonymoreaux781.bandcamp.com/album/had-you-at-hello-ep malmoeone3

      Sounds like a DJ name. And she worked in Radio? Good combo