1. People Who Don’t Rap But Have Rapper Names: Harvey Knuckles.

    Now that pigskin season is officially over we can finally turn our undivided attention to hoops – and those People Who Don’t Rap But Have Rapper Names… and got game. Harvey Knuckles lettered at the University of Toledo from 1979 – 1981, and according to the team’s official website, was “ one of the most dominating players in the Mid-American Conference during that period,” getting plucked by the Lakers in the 2nd round of the ’81 draft. But truthfully no matter how hard Harvey was in the paint ( ayo! ), thanks to Knuckles’ gangsta surname we can more easily imagine him verbally beating down emcees with a vengeance like his fearsome namesake, Bumpy , than running the court. Guard your grills, rap dudes, Knuckles up!

    (Big up to various egotripland readers for the request.)

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