1. People Ricky Powell Wishes He Could Have Gotten Zooted With.


    ego trip columnist and photojournalist Ricky Powell is the author of Oh Snap! & The Rickford Files , groovy overviews of some of his best work and are highly recommended. Back in the late 1990s, we asked The Rickster, a noted Mary Jane enthusiast and connoisseur of fine herbal remedies, to give us a countdown of the peeps he would have loved to have passed the joint to for ego trip's Book of Rap Lists . Here it is again reprinted for all those enjoying today's international 4/20 holiday.


    1. Johnny Boy from Mean Streets at the St. Anthony Feast while watching Nancy Sinatra sing “These Boots Were Made For Walking.”

    2. Allen Iverson or Lew Alcindor while watching a game at the Rucker Tournament.

    3. Dock Ellis, the Pittsburgh Pirate who once pitched a no-­hitter on three hits of acid.

    4. Julie Newmar in her Catwoman outfit.

    5. Vonetta McGee, the former Soul Train dancer in the early ’70s.

    6. Bridgette Bardot at an animal rights rally.

    7. Dancing Harry, Earl Monroe’s boy, who used to put the whammy on opposing teams in a flamboyant matching hat and cloak.

    8. Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde .

    9. Barbarella or Cassius Clay at Playland in Times Square.

    10. Broadway Joe Willie Namath on the set of Classic Sports Network while munching on some tofu dogs and watching Football Follies .

    11. Wonder/Bionic Woman at the dog run in Washington Square Park.

    12. Lou Donaldson/Pinella sitting on a stoop and whistling at girls.

    13. Earl/Marilyn Monroe in the bleacher section of Yankee Stadium.

    14. The chick from Planet Of The Apes on the beach looking at the Statue Of Liberty.

    15. Duane Thomas, the former thoroughbred running back for the Cowboys in the early ’70s who gave the silent treatment to his team in ’71 for the whole season because he felt wrongly treated for being whatever, himself. He was cool.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      I say my wishlist is w/Ricky Powell during #'s 13, 11 and 3!

      Personal note w/ Jimi, Albert Einstein, and Fab 5 Freddy/Lee/Zephyr/Pink/Dondi/Basquiat/Rammelzee/Chalfant/Hillary Clinton and Harriet Tubman playing hooky in old Times Square on our way to the Bad Brains 82' CBGB show!
      Crew Deep Sun!